Discount Eyeglasses and Glasses Frames in Iowa

Getting a new pair of glasses is exciting, and at Eyemart Optical Outlet, we love to help our customers find their next perfect pair! We specialize in offering an amazing selection of practical and discount eyeglasses, and make the process simple and seamless so there’s no stress involved — you’ll be able to walk out of Eyemart looking great and smiling about the money you saved!

Woman smiling during her eye exam at Eyemart Optical Outlet

Getting Your Glasses Prescription

We always recommend that before you purchase new eyewear, you schedule a comprehensive eye exam with one of the dedicated eye doctors at Eyemart Optical Outlet. This is an opportunity for us to take a full look at your eyes and examine them for any potential indications of eye diseases or other conditions.

When it’s confirmed that you have nothing to worry about with your eye health, your eye doctor will give you your updated vision prescription. We’ll make sure that it’s the most accurate and up to date it can be before having it put into your eyewear of choice. It’s important to get this done annually — buying glasses with the wrong prescription can cause damage to your eyes from having to strain them to see clearly.


Providing You With Quality Glasses for the Best Price on the Market

Thorough Eyeglasses Fittings

After your exam, our opticians will be standing by to help you select a pair of frames to go with your prescription. A fitting is very important, because if you’ll be wearing eyeglasses for any extended period of time, you want them to fit comfortably and in the right place to optimize your vision. Glasses that are too tight can pinch and cause headaches. Glasses that are too loose can slide around uncomfortably.

Man trying on eyeglasses at Eyemart

A Wide Selection of Frames

Your optician will also help you to find a selection of frame options that really fit your personality, lifestyle, and budget. No matter if you’re the type of person who spends lots of time working on a computer or hiking outdoors, we can find frames that suit you and at a great price. We’ll let you try as many as you’d like to on, and make sure you can find the perfect frames at Eyemart.

Lenses to Fit Your Lifestyle

When it’s time to turn your chosen frames into a complete pair of glasses, we offer a wide range of lenses, from practical basics to high-performance upgrades. Talk to your optician about advanced technology glasses lenses that would help improve your lifestyle, such as blue light glasses, great for filtering harmful blue light from screens, as well as shatter-proof and anti-reflective upgrades. There are many ways your glasses can make your life better that go beyond just vision correction!

Woman in eyeglasses enjoying her coffee


Providing You With Quality Glasses for the Best Price on the Market

Deals on Iowa’s Best Selection of Eyeglasses!

Eyemart Optical Outlet is proud to be Iowa’s home for discount eyeglasses, and that means regularly taking stock of our inventory to see how we can best provide Iowans with deals that suit their style, needs, and budget.

We carry glasses frames from many different brands, and are always on the lookout for glasses that suit our customers’ lifestyles at a price point they’ll love.

Discount eyeglasses at Eyemart Optical Outlet

Current Offerings

For over a decade, we’ve provided one of the best deals on discount and affordable eyeglasses you’ll find anywhere:

  • Single vision glasses are two pairs for $89
  • Lined bifocals are two pairs for $119
  • No-line bifocals are two pairs for $129

These discount offers cannot be combined with your vision care plan, and other restrictions or fees may apply. Please contact your local Eyemart for specifics and details.