Quality Eye Exam in Iowa

At Eyemart Optical Outlet, we pride ourselves on providing you with stylish frames and quality vision at closeout prices. That’s why we make a thorough, individualized eye exam one of our top priorities.

During a comprehensive eye exam, we’ll assess your vision and screen you for signs of any eye diseases that can affect your sight. Many eye conditions don’t show symptoms until damage has been done and vision loss has occurred, which is why annual eye exams are so important for your eye health.

Young woman getting an eye exam at Eyemart in Iowa

The Importance of Eye Exams

We offer comprehensive eye exams to patients of all ages, because even our youngest patients can show signs conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eyes), which need to be corrected before it permanently affects their vision.

In older patients, we look for signs of conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. This is why every patient who comes through our doors gets an eye check-up first — we care about you and want to keep you informed about your eye health every step of the way.


Providing You With Quality Glasses for the Best Price on the Market

What’s Different About an Eyemart Eye Exam?

The dedicated staff at each of our eight Eyemart locations will take the time to get to know you so we can best serve your needs. From assessing your eyes for disease, to updating your prescription, and finding the right corrective eyewear for your needs, we’ll help you see the whole picture as clearly as possible.

Man in pain with hands over his eyes

Eye Disease Assessment

The eye is a complex part of your body, and problems can arise in different parts of it that can seriously impact your sight. We’ll use the latest technology to examine your eyes for signs of any vision-threatening conditions and take the time to learn about any new difficulties or pain you’ve been having with your eyesight.

If there is an issue, we can help detect it early and build a treatment plan for you to manage your vision and your quality of life.

Prescription Update

Next, we’ll conduct a vision test to assess your eyesight and update your vision prescription. Keeping it up to date is essential to ensuring that your new Eyemart glasses give you optimal vision, especially if it sometimes changes from year to year.

If you wear contact lenses, we’ll provide you with a thorough contact lens exam and fitting, since your contact lens prescription will differ slightly from your glasses prescription.

Woman getting a comprehensive eye exam
Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses in Iowa
After your vision test, we’ll take you over to our optical shop or get you fitted in your perfect pair of glasses, taking everything — face shape, lifestyle, budget, and personal style — into account. Whether you need something athletic, professional, or fashion-forward, we can find the frames for you. We also have great deals on pairs of glasses, so stop on by to see what we have in store.

If you prefer the convenience and flexibility offered by contact lenses, we’ll help you find the contacts that fit your eyes. With our online store, you can order and reorder your preferred contact lens product from the comfort of your home.

Now Offering Digital Eye Exams!

Recent innovations in telehealth have made it easier than ever to get you the high-quality care you need, and Eyemart is now proud to offer digital eye checkups! During one of these appointments, you’ll be able to chat with your provider in real time as they use remote equipment to analyze your visual acuity, check your eye health, and screen for common disease symptoms. Once you’re finished, you’ll receive a full readout of referrals, prescriptions, and follow-up information and our technicians will guide you through your next steps.

Patient getting an eye exam at Eyemart Optical Outlet


Providing You With Quality Glasses for the Best Price on the Market

If you have vision insurance, you may be able to use it on an annual eye check-up, and you may also have an allowance for new glasses or a supply of contact lenses. We accept many different insurance plans, including those under Medicare and Medicaid, so that nothing stands in the way of quality vision care.

For more information, click here or give us a call — we’re be happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific plan.