Buying Glasses in Person
DECEMBER 6, 2017


Getting new glasses? Before you even get to the frames, you already have a decision in front of you: to shop online or to shop in person. If you haven’t yet made your choice, our eyewear professionals at Eyemart Optical Outlet are here to tell you why buying in person is the best option — for your eyes, your time and your peace of mind. Read on for The Benefits of Buying Glasses in Person Rather Than Online, a guide from our Iowa eyewear professionals. For more information, and to have your eyewear-related questions answered, contact our team directly at (515) 598-5111 today!


When shopping for online glasses, you can sort through hundreds to thousands of frame selections at the speed of light — you just can’t try any of them on. Since no two frames fix the exact same way on any two heads, this can be a huge issue when shopping online for glasses. Sure, you can return frames that don’t fit right, but by the time your transaction is all said and done, you will have wasted well over a week (and up to a month, in some cases) waiting to find the right frames.
When buying your glasses in person at an eyewear store like Eyemart Optical Outlet, you will not only have a wide selection of glasses of frames to choose from — you’ll also be able to test out any frames that strike your fancy. You’ll know immediately if one pair doesn’t fit so you can move on to find your perfect frames. Our professionals may also be able to special-order you frames in different sizes to fit your needs.


For those that wear glasses, frames are perhaps the most important piece of apparel there is. That’s because they’re almost always on. Unless you’re an avid contact-wearer, you’ll likely have your glasses over your eyes seven days a week, whether you’re working, traveling or just going out for a night on the town. For this reason, you always want to go with your top frame choice. You also want to make sure that it looks just as good as advertised. When online shopping for glasses, this is easier said than done. If you’re deciding between two or three frames you’ve found online, you can’t just test them each in front of the mirror without buying them all first. After that, you’ll be stuck with time-consuming returns — and you still may not have found the perfect pair for you.
Shopping in person at an eyewear store gives you the ability to make actual comparisons by testing out glasses on your own face shape in front of a mirror. Not only will you be able to make a decision much faster, but you’ll also save yourself a few headaches by eliminating guesswork and unnecessary returns.


What online glasses shopping gives you in buying convenience, it often takes back prescription difficulties. That’s because extra steps typically pop up between your initial eye exam and getting settled with new frames from an online dealer. These extra steps include additional prescription verification from the online dealer before sending you your frames, insurance inquiries by the online dealer, and slow email correspondence at every stage of your purchase.
By shopping in-person with an eyewear outlet in your area, you can have proof of your prescription on-hand for fast and easy verification. Any questions you might have can be answered in real time, and you’ll likely be able to obtain your new glasses on the very same day that you received your eye exam.


Last on our list of reasons to shop for your eyewear in person rather than online is the availability of professional assistance. In an eyewear outlet like Eye Wear Optical Outlet, you’ll be greeted by a highly-experienced eyewear professional that can help answer your questions and provide you with welcome assistance. Our eyewear professionals can help you with the finer points of eyewear shopping, such as making sure pupil distance (PD) and the frames on your glasses fit correctly before sending you on your way. We’re also happy to provide you with any suggestions or insights that might help during your buying process. That’s service you just can’t get from an online retailer.
If you are interested in learning more about our eyewear products and services, or would simply like to ask our team a question or two, contact us at (515) 598-5111 or come in and visit us at one of our many Iowa locations today!